Hypnagoga Press is a record label and publishing house owned by north Sweden based siblings Pär and Åsa Boström.

Mostly focusing on the siblings’ own music, literature and art, Hypnagoga Press will publish everything from limited fine art prints, children’s books and poetry, to dark ambient and classical music – all collected under one roof and carefully packaged.

Hypnagoga Press unites the siblings’ aesthetics, influenced by their earlier collaborations, travels and shared interests, such as mysticism, experimental music and explorations of nostalgic and liminal atmospheres.


Has several music projects, including Hymnambulae, Kammarheit and Cities Last Broadcast. Printmaker and illustrator, with tendencies for compulsive drawing of imaginary animals. Currently living in Umeå, where he has his music studio, he splits his time between there and Innansjön, for Hypnagoga Press related business.


Makes mixed media and assemblage art; writes fairytales and poetry with tendencies for grotesque dreamlike settings; and composes music as Hymnambulae. Certified yoga and writing teacher with BA in Comparative Religion, that after years of travelling, working on cultural projects abroad, has set up studios in a countryside house in Innansjön.