HYPNAGOGA PRESS is a record label and publishing house owned by north Sweden based siblings Pär and Åsa Boström.

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Void is the debut album of Altarmang – a new music entity by Kenneth Hansson and Pär Boström. Intuitive reel-to-reel tape storytelling, herbal alchemy and ceremonial surrendering combined into two long tracks.

First recorded during a non-verbal improvisation session in the winter of 2014. Then re-recorded through effect pedals to magnetic tape. Cassette + digital.

The second issue of The Solar Zine comes with the cassette Void, the debut album by Altarmang – a new music entity by Kenneth Hansson and Pär Boström.

The cassette is packaged in a screen-printed paper box, made by Primeval Vision. The physical casette is only possible to buy with this zine. Both are limited to 50 copies.

We’ve included three interviews in the zine, glimpsing three sanctums. Altarmang share the creative and spiritual process behind Void. Antti Haapapuro describe meeting-points between Primeval Vision and Aural Hypnox. And the two of us discuss the Hypnagoga Press vision and mysticism as an undercurrent in most of our work.

Hymnambulae is a music project by Pär and Åsa Boström. Together they’ve created an album largely consisting of tape recordings of organ, piano and voices, combined with deep droning ambient.

Orgelhuset was intended as a mythological house between worlds, a ceremony taking place – combining the siblings’ symbolism. CD + digital.

The first issue of The Solar Zine – a zine that will be published twice per year, at the summer and winter solstices; where we’ll be writing about our projects, collaborators, and current and future products.

Every issue will come with something extra. For this first issue we’ve included three art cards, as a preview for the fine art prints that will become part of our publication in the future. Printed in 50 copies.